Milton Municipal Utilities

Alerts & Information

Alerts & Information

Current Alerts

Beginning Tuesday, October 3-7, 2022 , we will be conducting fire hydrant maintenance within our service area that may require line flushing. This could potentially cause discolored water when crews are working in your area. We do not anticipate a boil water advisory. If this changes, you will be notified. We ask for your patience while this maintenance is performed, as it protects the safety of our community. If you have any questions, please call 304-743-3422 during regular business hours. Thank you.

Alert Procedures

The Milton Municipal Utilities Company uses an automated call service for any alerts or important information regarding your water service including but not limited to water line leaks, boil water advisories, hydrant flushing, scheduled maintenance, and scheduled line replacement projects.  The most important factor for this service to work correctly is a current working phone number.  It is the responsibility of you, the customer, to provide us with a properly working phone number.  Not all automated calls are sent to every customer.  We try to only contact the customers in the affected area, so if someone tells you they received a call and you did not, the first thing you should do is check our webpage, to see if your area has been affected.

Note to Tenants:  If your landlord pays the water bill, they will receive the call for any notices.  It is their responsibility for contacting their tenants.

These notifications are posted as soon as possible on our Webpage, and our Facebook.  We update these notifications as soon as possible during any emergency.  You are encouraged to view these sites for yourself to see the facts regarding each situation and whether you will be affected.

An after-hours emergency line is available 304-590-7649, a reminder this is for an emergency only. You cannot pay your bill, file a complaint, request water service or any of the other services that are handled during regular working hours.

Our goal is to provide prompt notifications during any type of emergency.