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Police Department

Milton Police Department

The Milton Police Department provides law enforcement services which provide safeguards for the citizens, visitors, and customers to the City. The department is responsible for enforcing all City Ordinances and West Virginia State Laws within the boundaries of the municipality. The services provided are patrol, investigations, traffic, special functions, anti-drug work, school activities and assistance to other surrounding agencies upon request.

The department is responsible for approximately 23 square miles of roadway within the city limits as well as 10 miles of Interstate 64.

The department’s goal is to serve the community with pride, professionalism, and integrity. We also strive to ensure each resident and visitor feels safe and secure within the City, and are able to continue with a good quality life within the community.

For general inquiries please call 304-743-9211 during regular business hours, Monday - Friday,

8 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 4 pm.

*For information and questions regarding, tickets, fines or fees please contact the Milton Police Clerk's Office.

*For questions, complaints or other information related to officers or the department please contact Police Chief Joe Parsons.

*Please note that officers will not be dispatched through email requests to the Poice Chief or the Clerk's office. If you are in need of a police officer or have an emergency, please dial 911.


Police Chief Joe Parsons

Please dial 911 for emergencies and officer dispatch.

Access the Police Drug Tipline at:

304-505-TIPS (8477)

Citation/Report Number required.

If you wish to pay a traffic citation and have not already been found guilty or made a plea of guilty or no contest, please contact the Milton Police Department at 304-743-9211 during normal business hours before making a payment. The full or partial payment of a Milton Police Department traffic citation constitutes a waiver of a court hearing and the entry of a plea of “guilty” if a plea has not already been made.

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