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Fire Department

Milton Fire Department

In the days before our modern fire department, there was the bucket brigade. Our first a Hudson touring car, donated by Sampson Roberts, was converted into a fire truck. In 1938, the Milton City Council purchased a 1931 Model A Fire Truck from the estate of Henry Ford. The 1931 Model A Fire Truck is now kept in our department's showroom, having been restored and kept in good condition.

On May 26, 1949 a group of civic-minded young men headed by Earl Owen, Dick Bias, and other leading citizens combined their efforts and organized the MILTON FIRE DEPARTMENT, INC. The volunteers worked together and raised money to purchase a new pumper truck. Which was delivered on January 2, 1950, at that time the department was located at Rear Pike St. with the progress of the town the department built a new station at 341 East Main Street. In July 1983, they moved into the new station.

Over the years, the department has grown with the purchases

of new equipment and trucks. In 1998, we added a new addition onto the back of the department. The addition is used for Milton Bingo and other functions. Our department and Milton Elementary School work to teach children about fire prevention. In May 1999, we celebrated 50 years of and dedicated a new sign in front of the building. We held our first Annual Firefighter’s Rodeo, which we plan to continue. Also was our first antique car show and pig roast in September, which will be an annual event, held the Sunday before Labor Day each year. Dick “BB” Bias was the First Chief For the Milton Volunteer Department. His wife Flora Belle “Whistle” Bias was also very involved. As her nickname states, she would activate the siren and dispatch the fire department by citizens band (CB) radio. They both served the community for 34 years before retiring in 1983.

To contact the Milton Fire Department office with general inquiries, call (304) 743-6319.
In the event of a fire, please call 911.
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