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**NOTICE**Hydrant Flushing

Milton Municipal Utilities will be flushing fire hydrants beginning Monday, March 20th and continuing until all hydrants have been completed, which will likely take all week. We will perform the hydrant flushing from approximately 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. When hydrants are flushed, sediment inside the lines is stirred up and mixes with the water causing the water to turn rusty, brown or cloudy. Most of this mixture will be discharged out of the hydrant, although you may see a temporary discoloration of your water and lower water pressure. Avoid using the dishwasher or washing machine during the hydrant flushing operation. The less water you use during these hours, the less discolored water is pulled into your household lines. After flushing is complete for the day, if you experience discolored water, open an outside spigot, or run COLD water until it runs clear from the faucet nearest to the water line as it comes into the house. Then open the HOT water faucet to remove any remaining sediment in your lines. NEVER run hot or warm water immediately after a hydrant has been flushed, as this could lead to sediment getting into your water heater. If you experience low water pressure AFTER flushing is complete, check your faucet screens for trapped particles. Do NOT wash laundry, especially white or light-colored fabrics, during the hydrant flushing operation. After flushing is completed for the day, wait until your water runs clear. Consider washing a load of dark-colored laundry first. As has always been our policy, if you must run your water to clear any sediment, please call the Utilities’ Office at 304-743-3422 and ask for a discolored water adjustment. Please make note of the date and time of day you ran your water to clear and relay that information to the office staff when you call. Your usage will be adjusted by the amount of water shown to have gone through your meter after the flushing event to clear your water.

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